Who Are We?

About Us

We are not your typical Baptist church, or as our pastor often says, “We’re Baptist – we’re just not mad about it!”

Put simply, we are a diverse group of people seeking to follow Jesus’ way of loving God and serving others. We have found one another to be good travel companions as we share the journey of faith together. As such, we are... 

We believe God created us for fellowship with God, to be stewards of God’s creation, and to be in relationship with one another.  In our daily living, we continually affirm our need to be open to God’s movement in our lives as individuals and as a congregation.

We believe that Jesus Christ is God-in-the-flesh and through Jesus we are able to know and understand God more fully and completely.  By the way we live, speak and serve, we seek to honor Christ and to call attention to Him through service to others, especially to “the least of these.”  We believe that in God’s eyes children, youth, adults—female and male—are all equally loved, valued, and called by God. 

Through Jesus’ suffering and His willingness to place Himself in harm’s way, we see in this tragedy God’s ability to turn human abuse into the means for human redemption.  In turn, we attempt to preach, teach, and live by the example of Jesus. 

We believe that the Bible and faith experience provide us with evidence of God’s desire to be in covenant with us and us with God.  To that end, we have a church covenant which provides us with guidance as to how we relate to one another and offer our witness of Christ to others in our community and world. 

We believe in the power and hope of New Testament koinonia, the kind of first-century fellowship described in the book of Acts.  Caring for and ministering to one another is important to us.  It is our desire that every person in our fellowship have an opportunity for Christian friendship among us here. 

In addition to those coming to faith for the first time, in our church family we welcome, not only those who have a Baptist background, but also those who have come from United Methodism, the Presbyterian Church (USA), Episcopalian, Disciples of Christ, Church of Christ, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, and the Roman Catholic tradition, as well as others.  We value these other traditions and have always offered a welcome to all. 

We recognize the human capacity for sin and error and our need for God’s salvation.  We encourage Jesus’ model of reconciliation, forgiveness, and an understanding of and appreciation for the viewpoints of others different from our own.