Children's Ministry

We believe that each child is loved and valued by God, and we put great efforts into helping our children know this by showing them that we love them and value them, too. We want our church to be a place where children experience the love of God, are nurtured in faith in Jesus Christ, and are given every opportunity to know God's grace and love and become followers of Jesus.


Bible Blast
We believe that God creates each of us to be unique. One of the ways that this expressed is in the different ways we learn. Some learn by listening, some by seeing, some by touching, and others by doing. For that reason, we try to offer as many ways for our children to learn as possible, which is why our church uses a rotation model for children's Sunday School that we call "Bible Blast."


Children's Ministry and Missions
Each Wednesday from 6:30-7:15, our children will meet for hands-on missions activities.