September Series

     How Our Faith Plays Out in Our Week

Who hasn’t heard of “take-your-child-to-work” days. It’s a chance for them to see what moms and dads do in places and settings most kids wouldn’t normally see. What if we changed that idea a bit and made it a “take-your-congregation-to-work” day? How might our fellow church members catch a glimpse of what we do in our daily lives? During September, we’ll invite church members to take us to work with them. We’ll not only learn about the work they do, but how their faith shapes the way they work with others. What’s your story of faith at work? 

2017 Faith at Work Promo-0001.png

September 3 – “Faith at Work: Calling”
September 10 – “Faith at Work: Healing”
September 17 – “Faith at Work: Failing”
September 24 – “Faith at Work: Leading”