As a church, we share a common goal of “reaching people in the name of Christ, discipling people in the way of Christ, and empowering people in the service of Christ.” Our mission reflects Jesus’ own emphasis on loving God and loving others – something we seek to do individually and together.

We organize our ministries to help us develop passion for God and express care and concern for others. The variety of ministries allow each of us to work from our strengths and our personal passions. We also believe that ministry is most effective when it is shared by all. We’ve developed several areas where church members can share leadership for the church.

Ministry Work Groups 
A handful of Work Groups serve as the resource arm for Heritage’s ministries. They ensure that our local and global missions efforts, spiritual growth ministries, church facilities, finances, personnel, and marketing and technology all align to support the church’s ministry initiatives. Work Group members identify opportunities for the church at large to share God’s love in the community and with one another.

Ministry Teams 
Heritage employs a “team” approach to ministry. This is the grassroots expression of our ministry strategy. Church members channel their passions for others into teams that address a wide range of needs – from the homeless to feeding hungry children; from music to the visual arts; from medical missions to health and nutrition; from environmental concerns to visiting in hospital and nursing homes; from welcoming others to praying for one another. A multitude of ministries reflect Heritage’s heart for others within our church family, our community and the world.

Administrative Council 
Heritage’s Administrative Council is made up of leaders from a cross-section of our ministries. These leaders meet each month to coordinate the ministry calendar, share information about ministry plans, and develop the strategic direction of our ministry around our values of worship, spiritual formation, ministry/caregiving, fellowship/community life, and evangelism/missions.